Benefits for Bankers

The consortium structure enables banks of all sizes to participate in our loans at participation amounts that fit their specific needs and risk appetite. Membership in the HOPE consortium comprises over 50 banks, with diverse characteristics and asset sizes that range from $50 million to $15 billion (see Members).

Benefits include:

  • Diversify revenue – HOPE member banks can access loans from different geographic areas across the Midwest region, thereby adding to and diversifying their revenue streams.
  • Manage risk – The consortium structure allows to spread the risk across multiple participants. As banks choose their desired participation amounts by project, they can limit their interest rate and credit risk exposure.
  • Receive CRA credits – Banks can receive Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credits for participating in HOPE loans even if a project is not in their direct CRA assessment area.
  • Access expert industry knowledge – Banks can rely on HOPE for our in-depth knowledge of the LIHTC industry and can participate in this highly technical field without having to develop that expertise in-house.